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Words Of Wisdom From The World's Most Famous Senior Citizens

Andrew Zuckerman

Huffington Post


Andrew Zuckerman, a 30-year-old photographer and film-maker has spent the last year traveling the globe, photographing some of the world's most iconic faces, but with a catch: all of them were born before 1942.


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"Parent's lifestyle changes can effect the whole family. Love them and hate them, they're ours!"

Gretchen Heuring Blogs on relationships with older adults >>More


Love and Friendship with Elders




How to Make A Marriage Work

Susan Smalley | Huffington Post | 10.02.08


I've been thinking a lot about 'what makes a marriage work' because I officiated a wedding this summer, my own 34th wedding anniversary is next month, and I see the struggles faced by some friends and colleagues in their marriages.


Scientists have identified several variables that can predict success or failure of a marriage with 70-80% accuracy. The predictors of failure change a bit throughout the duration of marriage but include violence (aggression), negative communication, personality match, and sexuality among others. I don't conduct research on marriage but I find it fascinating that the success or failure could be 'predetermined' with such high accuracy.


Despite this strong body of research, probably few of us use marriage assessment tools to figure out whether to marry or not.


When A Senior Spouse is the Caregiver


When an elderly person is the caregiver for his or her spouse, the caregiver can get sick too. Often the sick partner sleeps for short periods and then requires care so the caring spouse rarely get a good night's sleep. Couple loss of sleep with sadness over loss of a life-partner's vitality, and there is every opportunity for the caring spouse to get sick too. For help and advice, try the following:


>>Well Spouse Association


>>AGIS CareStation

When An Adult Child Is the Caregiver


An adult child can be caught between the needs of an elderly parent and those of a busy household with children and spouse. Feeling of guilt and inadequacy are common and can lead to depression. Find helpful resources here:


>>National Family Caregivers Association


>>Children of Ageing Parents (CAPS)


>>Respite Care for Seniors

Loneliness Among Elderly


Bankers Life and Casualty Discusses How Seniors Can Fight the Feeling of Being Lonely


CHICAGO, Feb. 23, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- While most everyone has experienced loneliness at some point, it's today's seniors who are most likely to feel alone. The American Geriatrics Society Foundation for Health In Aging's Aging in the Know Web site notes that elderly people who live alone, often due to the death of a spouse, usually prefer to remain living that way for as long as possible. These seniors are more likely to feel lonelier and more isolated than those who live with others.


Bankers Life and Casualty Company, a national health and life insurer serving the retirement needs of the middle market, says antidotes for loneliness can be found everywhere >>More

Senior Pet Owners Live Longer and Better


We know that animals affect human emotions and pets are especially good for seniors. More


The Pets for the Elderly Foundation offers several article on the benefits for the elderly of having a pet. More>>


As pets age, they require more care just like humans. A Veterinarian, Dr. Ron Hines, has written a helpful page on caring for older dogs and cats. There are several things we can do to make their lives better. More