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Biblical Perspectives On Aging


Biblical Prespectives

On Aging:

God and the Elderly

J. Gordon Harris




All You Need Is Love

Stacy Lawson | Huffington Post | 10/6/08


I've been writing these last weeks about the dissolution of the small, individual identity into the vast, eternal presence of the Divine. As St. John of the Cross wrote in the final stanza of his Dark Night of the Soul, "I remained, lost in oblivion; My face I reclined on the Beloved. All ceased and I abandoned myself, Leaving my cares forgotten among the lilies." >>More

David Wolpe head shot

Does Faith Matter?

Rabbi David Wolpe

Huffington Post 09/28/08


"Self-deception, set to music" those were the words with which Sam Harris ended his diatribe against religion in The LA Times in March of 2007. I read it shortly after completing a course of chemotherapy for lymphoma. The experience of illness, the warmth of community and intimacy with God that shaped my under-standing of faith were dismissed with this caustic phrase. It required a response. >>More






What Is Spirituality?

Gretchen Heuring | 12.01.08


We each know that there is a part of us that is different from the body and also different from the mind. It is a force from within that is always there. It can be recognized or ignored but it is there just the same. With this force, the body can do remarkable things and the mind can discover truths it did not know before. This spiritual force connects us to other people with bonds that are neither physical nor mental. Many religions have been built upon ways to strengthen this spirit within us.


Spirituality is about recognizing this part of ourselves. It cannot be measured but it can be experienced. We know that it heals and comforts. Many believe that it is the source of our intuition and guides us to be the best we can be.

Spirituality and Ageing


There are many forms of spirituality and it is described in several different ways by different people. We know that it is nourishing and that people with strong spiritual beliefs often feel well and heal better than people who have none.


The Center for Spirituality and Ageing provides education and advocacy about spirituality and ethics as they are experienced in the ageing process. >>More

Spirituality and Religion


Religion provides a key to developing and strengthening our spiritual selves. Through devotions, prayer, music and art we practice the disciplines that strengthen the spirituality within us.


Major Organized Religions


Organized religion offers practices that are thousands of years old. For more information about major organized religious beliefs, click on the links below:


>>Muslim (Islam)




Spirituality and Prayer


Prayer is generally based on the belief that there is a greater being that will receive the prayer. The website offers a gathering of great prayers written by spiritual visionaries from many religious backgrounds. >>More

Spirituality Without Organized Religion


Anyone can be a spiritual person or have spiritual experiences. However, fully developed spirituality takes practice and discipline just as fully developed bodies require regular exercise.


There are both ancient and modern methods for practicing spirituality without organized religion. For more about some of these practices, click on the links below:











Are Older People More Spiritual?


Older adults often become more spiritual. There are two major reasons for this.


First, the lives of elderly persons have become less crowded with activities and they have more time to practice spirituality. Second, as they approach the end of their lives, their bodies and minds may decline but their spirits continue to grow.


Often, seniors are eager to share the inner strengths and discoveries that they have found. >>More