How Often Should You Have A Colonoscopy?

Johns Hopkins


If you are at low risk for colorectal cancer, how long should you wait between colonoscopy screenings? Johns Hopkins looked into this question and provides advice. >>More


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Colorectal Cancer


Colon cancer is treatable. Even if it spreads into nearby lymph nodes, treatments are highly successful.


You can find a very understandable description, including where most of these cancers begin, how they progress, and treatment choices at the Colon Cancer >>More

More likely over age 50


More than 90 percent of people with colorectal cancer are diagnosed after the age of 50. No one knows why one person will develop this disease and another does not except that approximately 2% of the people who get it inherit it. That's a very tiny fraction. People who have had it may get it a second time.


Few Symptoms & They Can Be Something Else


There are very few symptoms and they can be caused by some other illness. Symptoms include changes to your stool or pain. >>More

Screening for Colorectal Cancer


There are four kinds of tests for this disease including a non-invasive one. The tests don't hurt though for a colonoscopy, you are usually put to sleep. >>More


The American Cancer Society has issued new colon cancer screening guidelines. They split the tests into two categories. Tests that look inside the body and tests done on stools. >>More