Coping With Your Difficult

Older Parent

Grace Lebow & Barbara Kane


Some parents are frightened by the process of becoming dependent. Their resulting misbehavior is often uncharacteristic and is always difficult.


This little book is a welcome resource with a commonsense approach to the many of the problems we have with aging parents. It includes a very helpful questionnaire to help bring focus on problem behaviors common to older adults.


The authors are professionals who have taken examples from their caseloads. They divide problem behaviors into several categories:


~ "Where were you?" (clinging)

~ "My daughter is no good, my son is different."

~ "She stole it!" (critical and suspicious)

~ "I am the Queen!" (vain and narcissistic)

~ "I expect to hear from you at 9AM" (control freak)

~ "I'll eat - smoke - drink as much as I want!" (passive suicide)

~ "I have a brain tumor - heart attack - you name it." (fearfulness)


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