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The Beginning of ElderThink


There is a pond near my house.  In summer, there is tall grass and Chokecherry along the path from the parking area.  Someone has put a bench at the edge of the water and I can often be alone there.


In July, 2007, after a difficult and busy time, I found my way to this restful place.  As I relaxed on the bench, sounds of nearby traffic seemed to recede and I could hear the life all around me; a noisy frog, bees, a Thrush.  A pair of Mallards drifted in the shade on the other side of the pond.  I became aware of my breath and my pulse.  I felt that I was part of all that my senses brought me.


I picked up a smooth grey stone, warm from the sun.  Leaning a little, I dropped it into the pond and watched the ripples spread. 


At that moment, ElderThink was born.  It has grown in my mind and heart every day.  It has been created for everyone.


When we find ourselves growing old, a part of us feels despair.  There is another way.  Follow the path.  Explore ElderThink.  The answer is there for you to find.


To life! Namasté