The Five Lunar Mansions

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Black Tortoise (Mercury)

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White Tiger (Venus)

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Vermilion Bird (Mars)

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Azure Dragon (Jupiter)

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Yellow Dragon (Saturn)

The Seven

Constellations of

The White Tiger

1 - Legs
2 - Bond
3 - Stomach
4 - Hairy Head
5 - Net
6 - Turtle Beak
7 - Three Stars

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The White Tiger

In Ancient Astrology



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The White Tiger of Autumn

Gretchen Heuring | ElderThink | 8.10.10


The White Tiger was chosen by the earliest Chinese astronomers to represent the planet Venus, and positions of the moon against certain stars in the western sky. These seven collections of stars all together look like a tiger.


The seven positions or stations of the White Tiger are known as "mansions" because they represent groupings or asterisms of stars. These are called Legs, Bond, Stomach, Hairy Head, Net, Turtle Beak and Three Stars.


The White Tiger also represented the element "metal" to Ancient Chinese Astrologers. Ancient Astrologers from Arabia and India developed their own interpretations. There are many similarities and some interesting differences.


White Tiger Star Chart

White Tiger Star Chart by Steven Renshaw and Saori Ihara


15=Legs, 16=Bond, 17=Stomach, 18=Hairy Head,

19=Net, 20=Turtle Beak, 21=Three Stars


Some ancient Chinese legends tell us that the White Tiger, king of all beasts, would only appear when the Emporer ruled with absolute virtue.


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