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We Already Have A Cookbook Collection


Most of us already have a cookbook collection and there are things in those books that we have never tried. What are we waiting for? Just take a pencil and rework the recipe. Have your favorite things! Why not?






Recipes For The Older Palate


Seniors may need to learn new ways to cook and prepare food. Perhaps there is an illness requiring a special diet, or a senior finds himself or herself alone at mealtime.


Learning to cook in new ways can be uplifting because we are doing something that represents accepting changes in our lives.


There is more to mealtime than just preparing the food. There is something special about the ritual of creating a lovely environment for consuming a meal. Setting an attractive table can create a sense of anticipation and the food can be eaten with pleasure.


Savor each bite and sip. How does it smell? How does it taste? Would you add some music next time, or adjust the lighting?