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Getting Adequate Nutrition is Difficult for Many Seniors

Lois M Collins & Elaine Jarvik

Gray Area | Deseret News


Missing teeth, diminishing appetite, shrinking wallets and loneliness all contribute to poor nutrition among the elderly. That's why a peek into an old woman's grocery cart is more apt to reveal Cheez-It snack crackers than fruits and vegetables.


The Deseret News quietly snooped through a few dozen carts at various stores and found they tended to include snack crackers and sugary cereals, no milk or eggs, and few meats. The only regularly appearing meat was the most inexpensive hot dogs, especially in the carts of old men. There were also some other obvious gender differences among elderly shoppers: Women were more apt to buy fruits and vegetables, while the men's carts more often contained ice cream and microwaveable pasta.>>More


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Special Recipes

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Healthy Nutrition for Senior Citizens


Wellness includes the enjoyment of healthy food. Sometimes, when seniors find themselves alone, they don't really know how to take pleasure in preparing and consuming a meal. Special diets for one or both members of a couple can also be challenging.


The message is to approach food with curiosity and interest. You will find new things to enjoy!


The National Institute on Ageing has some helpful advice. >>More

Right Eating


The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has healthy eating advice called the "food pyramid."


USDA Pyramid

Their website has a food Pyramid Plan that lets you enter information about yourself very privately and then calculates how much of what things you should eat to be healthy. >>More


Tufts University offers a modified food pyramid just for older adults. >>More

Try Cooking New Things


Explore a new cookbook, or clip recipes from the newspaper and magazines. There is an excellent recipe source at with lots of preparation tips and help. >>More

Enjoy Eating


Sometimes our lives are so busy that we forget to savor food. You can create anticipation by arranging your table in advance. Be creative about ways to make your mealtimes interesting. >>More