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chicken dinner

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Storing Food Safely



Senior Men Need Food Storage Tips


Senior men can find themselves managing a kitchen and preparing food. Finding and learning to use kitchen tools can be a challenge and so can learning to store food. These are all things that elderly women have been doing for decades and now the men must learn.


Sometimes, the Senior caregiver prepares food perfectly for an ill spouse or loved one but does not eat properly him or herself. It's important to feed your body properly.

Storing Food


Leftovers can be the hardest to put away so that they are edible when we want to eat them. We all like variety in our diet so leftovers can stay in the refrigerator, freezer or cupboard for awhile before we consider them again. Sometimes they get pushed to the back and forgotten.


Some people purchase food in large quantities because there is a bargain price or the items are seasonal or not readily available. Good and safe storage techniques insure good flavor later on.


The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has a Food Safety and Inspection Service that offers free directions and advice about food handling. >>More


Freezing food requires special handling that can easily and quickly be learned >>More

How To Tell If Food Is Bad


If it smells bad, it probably is!


When in doubt, throw it out.


The University of South Dakota offers a very understandable and usable food storage guide. >>More