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May 18th, 2024

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Forgetfulness can be precipitated by:


Addiction Alcohol Anxiety Depression Grief Heart Disease Loneliness Medications Nutrition Stroke

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Eating Wrong Can Cause Memory Loss

By | 03.01.2011


Eating wrong is the same as "not eating right." Older people can be quite suddenly become exhausted caregivers, suffer from energy-depleting illness, or live alone for the first time. Preparing and consuming nutritious meals falls by the wayside under such stressful conditions. Once can become twice, can become a week, then a month, then longer.


The body and brain need certain foods to be healthy. Most of our lives, it's relatively easy to shop for and prepare good meals. Older people often fail to manage their nutrition properly when life deals them a blow.


The term we use is "malnourished" because the body isn't getting the right foods in the right combinations to mainTextTexttain health. The result is loss of energy, a depleted immune system, confusion and memory loss.


Downward Spiral of Malnutrition

Low energy and confusion lead to poor choices but there is more going on in a person who doesn't eat right for an extended period. The body loses the resources to heal and repair itself. At the very lowest level the cells of the body begin to break down and are not replaced.


Foods We Must Have to Live Long and Well

The Tufts Modified Food Pyramid for Older Adults divides the foods we need into several categories, and suggests appropriate quantities.



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Memory Loss Due To Anxiety

Memory loss is a usual anxiety symptom. The person loses track of where things belong, where they were left, and sometimes what they are called. Sometimes the person describes things in a round about fashion because he just can't remember the names for them. Anxiety is like being in a panic all of the time.




Alheimer's Symptoms

The Alzheimer's Association has defined ten tell-tale signs of this terrible disease. We discuss them here.



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A System For
Eating Right

By | 09.03.2014

According to Dr. Alice H. Lichtenstein, researcher at Tufts University, older adults have different nutrition needs than other age groups.The MyPlate System, developed at Tufts, is a guide for healthy, older adults who are living independently and looking for examples of good food choices and physical activities.


Bright Deep Colors

Richly colored fruits and vegetables should fill half the plate at mealtime. This is about twice the amount we are used to having as younger people.



Darker grains like brown rice or whole wheat bread should be included


Low Fat Dairy

Low fat milk, cheese or yogurt are an important part of a meal.


Meats And Proteins

It's time in our lives to seriously limit richly marbled red meats. Older adult bodies need lean meats, poultry, and fish. We also need to regularly eat beans and legumes like lentils. We can buy them in a can or in dried form for cooking ourselves. The nutrients are about the same.


Oils For Cooking And Flavor

It's best to choose liquid vegetable oils, especially olive oils.


This nutrition system for older adults has been adopted by the Food and Drug Administration as recommended guidelines for older adults.